The Outdoor Look Urban Garden Design To Launch At Ideal Home Show

Introducing The Outdoor Look – the exciting new urban garden design firm transforming small garden spaces into liveable, attractive, low-maintenance havens for busy professionals.

The Outdoor Look is set to launch at the forthcoming Ideal Home Show, which opens in London on 18th March and is expected to run until 3rd April. The team from the innovative new company will be showcasing their fantastic range of artificial hedging and plants, living walls, composite decking and fibre-clay pots, all of which combine to create durable, beautiful garden products that require minimal upkeep.

Representatives from The Outdoor Look will have the entire range of products on view, allowing visitors to marvel at the authenticity of the artificial grass, and get up, close and personal with a living wall sample. Orders will also be taken on the stand, with deliveries following directly to the customer.

Brett Lockwood of The Outdoor Look, says, “We know that the busy professionals of today might not have time to spend gardening – but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to enjoy their own ‘green’ space. We specialise in urban installations, making the best of small spaces and providing products which require little to no maintenance at all, so even the busiest of individuals can still enjoy a moment of peace in their urban garden.




“Showcasing our exciting range of products at the Ideal Home Show will be a fantastic launch for us, and we’re looking forward to introducing visitors to our wonderful collection of UPVC-based artificial foliage, grass, composite decking, living walls and other durable, robust and attractive garden products.”

The greenery available from The Outdoor Look remains attractive and ‘green’ throughout every season, and the durable material can withstand wear and tear from pets, children and the weather. Every item is UV-stabilised, which means they’ll never discolour from too much sun exposure, and the products are so durable and reliable that The Outdoor Look have guaranteed them from 1-5 years, depending on the type of product.

The products will be of benefit to thousands of people living in crowded urban areas and keeping up with busy lifestyles. Artificial gardens mean there’s no need to use chemicals to maintain the plants, and no need to spend hours keeping the garden looking trim. Some outdoor spaces are simply too shaded to keep real plants, in which case, artificial plants offer a viable alternative that will last.

For more information about The Outdoor Look, visit the website:

To buy tickets for the Ideal Home Show (The Outdoor Look will be situated on Stand G269), visit the website:

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