How to Create Your Own Windowsill Veg Garden

While we all enjoy the process of gardening, sometimes the best thing about it is enjoying its results. And no more so than when we plant our own food and eat tasty home-grown vegetables. With many of us now thinking more about our health – maybe after doing a cholesterol test or weighing ourselves on the scales – getting enthusiastic about veg is a great place to start.

But what if you live in a city and don’t have your own garden? We would all love an allotment, yet with waiting times for your own patch reportedly 25 years or more, there’s no guarantee. One great alternative is growing vegetables on the windowsill. This might seem ambitious if it’s only a small space, but it’s amazing what you can actually start to grow right from your kitchen or bedroom window.

So if you’ve had a cholesterol test or BMI check and need to make some lifestyle changes, like having a healthy diet with more veg, try growing your own in a window box. As we explain below, space need not be a limiting factor!

How to grow veg on your windowsill

While there are veg-on-the-windowsill kits available to buy at many garden centres, you can easily get all the things you need without this.

  1. Start by working out how much space you have. When choosing a location, go for one with lots of sunshine and easy access so regular watering doesn’t become a chore.
  2. Made your decision? Now buy a window box to match. The bigger the space, the more you can grow, so try and find one as big as possible. Depth is also important. Experts recommend having at least 20cm for salad leaves and 30cm for carrots.
  3. Once you’ve bought your box, put something heavy in the bottom, like pieces of broken ceramic pot, or otherwise secure it to the windowsill. Then fill with an appropriate soil. You can buy special veg growing compost, but most standard types will do fine.
  4. Now comes the fun part – choosing what to grow. Being enthusiastic about the project is going to keep you motivated, so finding a type of food you actually want to eat is important. Don’t just think about standard options, like tomatoes and salad leaves. As good as these are, there are some exotic seeds in the shops these days, so have a browse and find something fun.
  5. Then get planting. If you’re going for bigger plants, make sure to give them some space. Bean plants will also need canes placed vertically in the soil to climb up. Remember too that you can easily put flowers in between vegetables to make it more beautiful. Once they are in, just remember to water regularly and be patient.
  6. When your plants are fully grown, sit back, make yourself a relaxing cuppa and crunch through that wholesome veg.

So there you have it; if you’ve had a lifestyle wake-up call like a cholesterol test or BMI check, growing your own veg as a means of eating more can be a great place to start. Find some interesting seeds, get planting, and then just watch them grow.

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